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Distinguished Alumni Awards

Nova Southeastern University salutes outstanding graduates at the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Awards ceremony, the highest and most prestigious honor that NSU bestows upon its graduates. The program recognizes alumni who have realized their potential around the world by demonstrating a record of distinguished service and extraordinary achievement in a particular profession, discipline, organization or community cause. The recognition event is held at NSU’s Grande Oaks Golf Club in Davie.

“There are many ways to determine the value of a university,” said Dr. George Hanbury, President and CEO of NSU. “I believe that one of the most important ways is by what our graduates bring to the communities across the country and around the world after graduation. These honorees make NSU proud!”

Please make plans to join us during the 2017 Homecoming and Alumni Week, November 4-11, to celebrate and honor the current Distinguished Alumni Award Winners.

Join us in congratulating our alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their professions and/or community, have great pride for their alma mater, and are committed to advancing NSU's values and goals.

2017 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Abraham S. Fischler College of Education Noris Price, Ed. D. ‘06  
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Jacqueline Font-Guzman,  Ph.D. '11
College of Dental Medicine Michael Scherer, D.M.D. ‘07
College of Engineering and Computing Wayne Brown, Ed. S. ‘03 Ph.D. ‘04  
College of Health Care Sciences Sharon Alexander, M.H.S. ‘05  
College of Nursing Karen Pardue, Ph.D. '13
College of Optometry Jennifer Zolman (Smith), B.S. ’06, O.D. ‘06   
College of Osteopathic Medicine William Stager, D.O. ‘89 
College of Pharmacy Hyla Fritsch, Pharm. D. ‘06
College of Psychology Steve Gonzalez, M.S. ’96, Psy.D. ‘00 
Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography Vincent Richards, BS '01, MS '06, Ph.D. '10
H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship Daniel Dawes, B.S. ’03
Shepard Broad College of Law Susan Maurer, J.D. ‘80
NSU University School Lauren Book, ‘03  

Past Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Abraham S. Fischler
College of Education
Robert C. Anderson
DaJuane Lateef Anderson
Tamara Anderson
Joseph Balchunas
Henry L. Brown III
Robert Brzezinksi
Gayle Carson
Camille Casteel
W. Roy Grizzard, Jr.
Catherine Hope
Polly Bowles-Howell
Ruth Jacoby
Glenda Kelly
Frederick Rahe
Thomas Richardson
Susan Russell
Brenda Snipes
Marlene Sotelo
Janet St. Lawrence
Paul Zeiss

Colleges of Health Care Sciences
Maryellen Antonetti
Matt Dane Baker
Sherrilene Classen
Helen Ewing
Carmen Fox
George Fulk
James Hancock
William Hanney
Lisa Kenyon
William Kohlhepp
Fabien Pampaloni
Bernard Loeffke
Teresa Murphy-Price
Wendy Stav
Robinette Strutton-Amaker
Elizabeth Werner
Thomas S. Zeller

College of Pharmacy
Richard Ashworth
Elena M. Avello
Nilda Banchs-Sandoval
Armando Bardisa
Thomas Anthony Bohan
Deborah Brown
Osmel Delgado
Richard Finkel
Cristina Fueyo
Geneen Robyn Graber
Betty Jean Harris
Patrick Hawthorne
Michael Kaplan
Christopher Lynch
Joy Marcus
John Michael O’Brien
Venessa Price

College of Arts, Humanities
and Social Sciences
Sheila Alu
Jodi Aronson-Prohofsky
Sandra Brown
Laurie L. Charles
Jessica Fenton
Candy Fish
Tony Gaskew
Arlene Gordon
Tyon Hall
Kathleen Harmon
Sherika Hornes
Fanya Jabouin-Monnay
Tina Jaeckle
Cherise James
Gary Killam
Stephen P. Madigan
Noel Linke Miner
Dennis Plaska
Roy Smith IV
Edwin Torres
Sheela VanHoose-Venero
Gregory Vecchi
Marilyn Anita Vestal
Diane Wilson-Dwyer

Shepard Broad College of Law
Russell Adler
Catalina Avalos
David Barclay
Paul Finizio
Michael Fischler
Yale Galanter
Renee Goldenberg
Brian A. Kahan
Sandy Karlan
Robert W. Kelley
Ilene Lieberman
Melanie G. May
Douglas M. McIntosh
Bernie Moyle
Summer Lynn Robertson
David W. Singer
Maria Jose Fletcher
Theresa Van Vliet

Museum of Art |
Fort Lauderdale
Gabriela Esteves
Kristopher Keime
Andrea Morey
Grace Strattan

College of Psychology
Monty Baker
Mark Blais
Michael Bourke
Joan M. Cook
Brad Donohue
Efrain Antonio Gonzalez
Catherine Grus
Maureen Kenny
Wendy Lader
Bud Leveron
Charles M. Morin
Griffin Occhigrossi
Benjamin Toll
Amy Trachter
Alan L. Peterson

College of Optometry
Annette Bade
Mary Bartuccio
Kenneth Boyle
David Eldred
Barry Frauens
Andrew Gregory
Stuart I. Kaplan
Mark Marciano
D. Duane Mohon 
Andrew Morgenstern
Mary Rosenbaum
Briana Shelton
John M. Spalding

Halmos College of Natural Sciences
and Oceanography
Clay Beauregard
Robert Brock
Alex Brylske
Nikolas Camejo
Theodore K. Chamberlain
Carrie Giordano
Roseline H. Marston
Donald McCorquodale, Jr.
David Z. McMahon
Erik Neugaard
Sunil Patel
T. Patrick Quinn
Lorne Stitsky
Maria Terneus
Joanna Walczak
Clarice M. Yentsch

H. Wayne Huizenga College of 
Business and Entrepreneurship
Thomas Cairns
Marvin P. Carroll
Roberta Carroll
John DiBenedetto
Anthony Dominici
Bonnie Hathcock
Donna Horkey
Alan Koenigsberg
Donald F. Kuratko
William Lowe
Audrey Marks
Stephen McGill
Jorge Palacios
William Spears
Lynne Wines
Brenda Yester

Institute for the Study
Human Service, Health
and Justice
Jessica Castellanos
Tina Jaeckle
Gary Killam
Dennis Plaska

College of Dental Medicine
Jeffrey Albert
Reza Ardalan
Timothy Case
Elizabeth Feldman
Judith L. Gartner
Robert Goldberg
Anil Idiculla
Karen McKenzie
Sasidhar Nallapati
Michael Roseff
Eyad Shehadeh
Francis Short
Joel B. Slingbaum

College of Osteopathic Medicine
Majdi Aschi
Tyler Cymet
John Geake
Michael Gervasi
Jeffrey S. Grove
Mayrene Hernandez
Gregory James
Jacqueline Kraveka  
Archie H. McLean
Ronald Renuart
Joel Rush
James Turner
Ross D. Zafonte

College of Nursing
Rose Allen
Ann Forgione
Jorge Montequin
Fabien Pampaloni

College of Engineering and Computing
Dawn Beyer
James Burrell
Dedric Carter
Laura L. Downey
Adam Finkelstein
Jeffrey Groom
Daniel Hatton
Amos Holt
Donald R. Lemma
Michele Liscio
Peter AC Long
Ken MacLeod
David S. Metcalf II
Frederick Moxley
Gioconda Weiner
James Frederick Ransome
Robert Urwiler
Kenneth Whitmore
Carol Woody
Steven D. Zink

Mailman Segal Center for
Human Development
Madeleine Arritola
Penny Bernath
Jayden Carr
Carly Crispino
Adam Finkelstein
Pamela James
Jonathan Kabot
Bryce Lucas
Michael Marino
Mickey Segal
Marlene Sotelo
Casey Stewart

NSU University School
Seth Cosentino
Maya Ezratti
Joshua Gad
Alexander P. Heckler
Mandel Ilagan
Cassandra Frank Josephson
Johnathon Kabot
Tobi Cohen Kosanke
Tara Levine
Matthew Pearl
Keith Poliakoff
Nicole Prouty
Jesus Raimundi
Yisroel Schulman
Avi J. Stein
Andrew Tabatchnick
Tina Tahmassebi
Michael Zager

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