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Students outside the NSU Carl DeSantis Building

Master's Programs

In today’s challenging job market, we can help give you that competitive edge and advance your career with a master’s degree. Our graduates are always in demand for top positions in industry and global business.

NSU has some of the nation’s top master’s programs in Business, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Nursing, Computer Science, Marine Biology, Education, Speech and Language Pathology, Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media and more.

NSU Master’s Programs offer:

  • State-of-the art classrooms, labs and facilities
  • Networking with leaders in the field and accomplished alumni
  • One-on-one relationships with world-class professors
  • Access to internships and practicums
  • Flexible class schedules and formats

If you are a working professional we make it possible for you to advance your career without compromising current obligations. Most of our master's programs offer classes at night and on weekends on our main campus in Fort Lauderdale, at Regional Campuses throughout Florida, and online.


Explore our master's degrees:

Program On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Accounting (M.Acc.) On-Campus   Online
Anesthesiologist Assistant (M.S.) On-Campus    
Biological Sciences (M.S.) On-Campus    
Biomedical Informatics (M.S.B.I.) On-Campus   Online
Biomedical Sciences (M.B.S.) On-Campus    
Business Administration (M.B.A.) On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Business Administration in Business Intelligence / Analytics (M.B.A.) On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Business Administration in Complex Health Systems (M.B.A.) On-Campus    
Business Administration in Entrepreneurship (M.B.A.) On-Campus    
Business Administration in Finance (M.B.A.) On-Campus   Online
Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism (M.B.A.) On-Campus    
Business Administration in Human Resources (M.B.A.) On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Business Administration in International Business (M.B.A.) On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Business Administration in Management (M.B.A.) On-Campus   Online
Business Administration in Marketing (M.B.A.) On-Campus   Online
Business Administration in Process Improvement (M.B.A.) On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Business Administration in Sport Revenue Generation (M.B.A.) On-Campus    
Business Administration in Supply Chain Management (M.B.A.) On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Cardiovascular Sonography (MHSc)   Off-Campus  
Child Protection (M.H.S.)     Online
Clinical Psychology (Ph.D) On-Campus    
Clinical Vision Research (M.S.)     Online
Coastal Zone Management (M.S.) On-Campus   Online
College Student Affairs (M.S.) On-Campus   Online
Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media (M.A.) On-Campus    
Computer Science (M.S.) On-Campus   Online
Conflict Analysis and Resolution (M.S.) On-Campus   Online
Counseling (M.S.)     Online
Criminal Justice (M.S.)     Online
Cross-Disciplinary Studies (M.A.) On-Campus   Online
Dentistry (M.Sc.D.)      
Developmental Disabilities (M.S.)     Online
Disaster and Emergency Management (M.S)     Online
Education (M.S.) On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Education Law (M.S.)     Online
Employment Law (M.S.)     Online
Experimental Psychology (M.S.) On-Campus    
Family Therapy (M.S.) On-Campus    
Forensic Psychology (M.S.)     Online
General Psychology (M.S.)     Online
Gerontology (M.A.)     Online
Health Law (M.S.)     Online
Health Sciences (M.H.Sc./D.H.Sc.)     Online
Health Sciences (M.H.Sc.)     Online
Information Security (M.S.) On-Campus   Online
Information Technology (M.S.) On-Campus   Online
Law and Policy     Online
Leadership (M.S.) - Education On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Management Information Systems (M.S.) On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Marine Biology (M.S.) On-Campus    
Marine Environmental Sciences (M.S.) On-Campus    
Marine Science (M.S.) On-Campus    
Medical Education (MSMEd.) On-Campus   Online
Mental Health Counseling (M.S.) On-Campus Off-Campus Online
National Security Affairs and International Relations     Online
Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner (M.S.N. - A.P.R.N.) On-Campus    
Nursing - Gerontology Adult Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (M.S.N. - A.P.R.N.) On-Campus    
Nursing - Health Systems Leadership (M.S.N.)     Online
Nursing – Nursing Education (M.S.N.)     Online
Nursing - Nursing Informatics (M.S.N.)     Online
Nutrition (M.S.) On-Campus   Online
Occupational Therapy (M.O.T.) On-Campus    
Pharmaceutical Affairs (M.S.)   Off-Campus  
Physician Assistant (M.M.S) On-Campus Off-Campus  
Public Administration (M.P.A.) On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Public Health (M.P.H.) On-Campus   Online
Real Estate Development (M.S.) On-Campus    
School Counseling (M.S.) On-Campus Off-Campus  
School Psychology (Psy.S.) On-Campus Off-Campus  
Software Engineering (M.S.) On-Campus   Online
Speech-Language Pathology (M.S.) On-Campus Off-Campus Online
Taxation (M.Tax.) On-Campus   Online
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